StageIt! Music Videos! SXSW AGAIN! Rrrawr!

17 Apr StageIt! Music Videos! SXSW AGAIN! Rrrawr!

Howdy Darlins,

We would like to formally invite you to visit us in Kelly’s apartment this Thursday Feb 28th at 5:30 PST for an acoustic performance of your favorite Dollyrots’ love songs (as voted on by our fans at Facebook)! You can watch from anywhere, WORLDWIDE. Only a limited # of tickets are available for this one-time performance… which means there will be plenty of room in the chat room for you to talk to us throughout the show. And to top it off tickets are pay-what-you-want so you’ve got nothin’ to lose! The show sold out at the last minute last time so if you’d like to watch don’t wait until it’s too late. Tix here!

The past couple weeks have been crazy busy and exciting… we filmed 2 music videos for songs off The Dollyrots! One for “Starting Over Again” and one for “Satellite”. They may not be considered ‘singles’ but, hey, they’re two of our favorites so we did it anyway! There’s some behind the scenes stuff in the video update below if you want a sneak peek. 😉

AND in a couple weeks we’re headed on a Southwestern US Tour to Austin, TX for SXSW! It will be our 9th time at the festival and our 1st trip through TX this year! We’ll have the dates up any day now.

Don’t forget… to have fun…much more coming soon!

Hootie Hoo!

K & L Drot

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